Analytics for the
Insurance industry

InEdge is a solution provider specialized in Analytics for the Insurance industry. At InEdge, we use our vast experience and expertise to help our clients gather and understand large amounts of data from various sources to make real-time decisions in a more cost-effective, efficient, and reliable manner. We align with our clients’ business strategies while implementing their corporate-level programs for analytical solutions. We provide Software Accelerators and Applications, which are intellectual property assets that we have developed to help our clients significantly decrease implementation time, costs, and risks.

Our Software Accelerators and Applications

InEdge Software Accelerators and Applications, represent our accumulated knowledge over many years, packaged to be easily shared with our clients. We call these Intellectual Property Accelerators, which include content, such as data models, data integration models, templates for dashboards, and key performance metrics calculations. The Software Accelerators are a collection of intellectual property assets that we bring to the table to mitigate the risk, reduce the cost, and increase the velocity
of delivery.

For some Insurers, the integration of our Software Accelerators helps to shorten the time to ROI, and to considerably lower the cost of building a complete solution while answering all of an Insurer’s business
decision needs.

Furthermore we offer Analytical Applications that are built on industry best practices to provide access to Key Performance Indicators related to a specific area such as Claims or Underwriting. These Analytical Applications allow for a very short time to implement which result in rapid added value for our Clients. Additionally they can be further personalized to your
specific needs.

In summary, we can help you exploit the power of analytical applications. We deliver solutions.

Our Services


We strongly believe in providing a customized
approach and therefore, our services are always
tailored to our clients’ specific needs.


Analytics Roadmap

One of our most valued services is our Analytics Roadmap. This service provides Insurers with everything they need to successfully approach, deploy or align strategic Analytics initiatives. We include a complete and detailed strategic deployment plan that evaluates the costs, resources, and scope of Analytics initiatives. Our Analytics Roadmap is cost-effective, is offered at a fixed price, and can be delivered in a matter of weeks.

It is a wise investment that can save you time, money, and frustration. The Analytics Roadmap deliverables include a number of support artifacts, such as our Analytical Information Needs Model, a color-coded heat map indicating opportunities for analytical applications. We provide the analysis and perspective needed to understand the task at hand, to set milestones, as well as to get the attention and buy-in from key stakeholders to successfully align or re-align your Analytics program with your business objectives.

Analytics Implementation

We not only advise you on the best Analytics solutions and processes, we also implement your strategic Analytics initiatives. We have the expertise, in terms of people, process, and technology to help you achieve your Analytics goals. We understand what it takes to see an Analytics project through to completion. Our Implementation services ensure your Analytics initiative is carried through to completion successfully and in a timely manner.

Developing an initiative that aligns with stated business objectives and taking advantage of technologies that will deliver them is a specialty of its own. The ability to implement the vision is another. We do both.

SMART Analytics Methodology

At InEdge, we have developed an effective, proven, and forward-looking methodology to guide your Analytics project from concept through to completion and beyond. The SMART Analytics methodology has five distinct but overlapping project stages with agreed-upon goals and defined deliverables at each stage. It transforms your current ambitions into measurable, achievable milestones, while leaving room for future development.

The five Analytics project life cycle stages provide an adaptable roadmap for the complete project. Each stage is further subdivided into activities that must be completed for the complete solution to be implemented. Certain activities can be executed in parallel with other activities, while some activities must be performed in a
sequential order.


Our Mission

To become the partner of choice in Analytics for the Insurance industry by working tirelessly to ensure our clients’ success through the integrity and expertise of our people and the excellence of our solutions.

Our Values

Our clients appreciate the values we bring to our business practices.

Client Focus


The client is at the centre of our universe. This is more than a mere statement; it is a philosophy. Everything we do is centered on the fact that we are doing it to add value to the relationship that we develop with our clients. Our clients evolve in a world that is not static. We therefore evolve with them. This means listening to what our clients are saying, every step of the way. Not just at the beginning of a project, but as we go along. We constantly review objectives to make sure that we are aligned with our client’s expectations as
they evolve.



No compromise about this. We demand total integrity. Our clients trust us with an asset that is beyond value: their information. We therefore adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Entrepreneurial Spirit


We became the leaders in our field of expertise because we lead the pack as opposed to following trends. We were the first to focus on Analytics as a specialty for Insurer.

Always innovate


With passion, we constantly innovate and improve our solutions for the benefit of our clients.



We believe that the team is stronger than the sum of its components. Therefore, our teams ALWAYS include client representatives. Our virtual team approach is unique in our market segment, allowing us to tackle project after project, large or small, with confidence and consistent success.



Harmonious relationships with our clients are important to us. While re-assessing and re-evaluating client objectives on an ongoing basis, we keep our goals and objectives clear and transparent. Relationships, in which all parties understand each other’s expectations, result in satisfied clients, motivated implementation teams, and executives who meet their objectives.


This is just a sample of the many companies that we have assisted with Analytics programs over the past 18 years:

  • Intact
  • SGI
  • Manulife
  • John Hancock
  • Aviva
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Sun Life Financials
  • Portage Mutual
  • SSQ