Drive business decisions
with timely access
to information

In North America, more than $12 billion in Direct Written Premiums are processed through analytical systems planned and implemented by InEdge.

The Property & Casualty Insurance industry subsists on successful data flows to make tactical and strategic decisions. Therefore, quality information becomes the fuel that drives the industry and leads to profitable growth in Direct Written Premium.

However, ample data does not necessarily equate to ample information for Property and Casualty Analytics. The volume of data, in areas such as premiums, policies, claims, transactions, brokers, re-insurers, risks, or coverages, can overwhelm any endeavor to make sense of it all. Furthermore, the rapid pace of change in regulatory reporting requirements consumes valuable resources.

Once the data has been integrated by InEdge, Insurance companies can dynamically generate reports on experiences, claims frequencies, unit counts, and so on.

In today’s business context, timely access to information in order to drive business decisions is the top priority for many Insurance companies.

Our Property and Casualty Analytics experts understand the complexities of building Analytics solutions and the specifics of evolving them. Our experts can design and deploy the right P&C Analytics solution for an
Insurance company.

Examples of Property & Casualty
Insurance Analytics Projects

Using Insurance Analytics in Broker Relationships

InEdge has worked with an Insurance company supporting a countrywide network of over 450 handpicked independent insurance brokers.

Mandated to build more efficient working relationships between the company and its brokers, InEdge’s experts developed a P&C Analytics program. Supporting P&C Insurance Analytics, it focused on sharing information, unlocking information to assist brokers in better selecting risks, driving performance, and retaining high renewal rates.

Replacing Legacy Month-end Reporting System

A leading Property & Casualty Insurance company, providing home, automobile, and business insurance with premier claims service to over 2.2 million customers, had a requirement to replace its legacy month-end reporting system.

InEdge conducted a Property and Casualty Gap Analysis and then implemented a complete Analytics Solution as part of their Analytics initiative with a modern Corporate Information Factory that provided a central location for all management information and dynamic access to P&C Insurance analytics and P&C Insurance reporting.