Analytical Needs
into Reality

Waiting several years and spending millions
of dollars on an Analytics project is not a luxury
Insurers can afford

Insurers know that they need insightful information now to implement their business objectives. Getting access to that information implies the presence of an informational infrastructure that provides accurate, complete and integrated information. Our road-tested services have delivered those Analytics solutions to our clients.



Providing Insurers with Everything they Need to Successfully Approach and Deploy a Strategic Analytics initiative

Our most valued service is our Insurance Analytics Roadmap

The Insurance Analytics Roadmap provides Insurance companies with everything they need to successfully approach and deploy strategic Analytics initiatives. This includes a complete and detailed strategic deployment plan evaluating the costs, resources, and scope of Analytics initiatives. Alternatively, our service, honed over dozens of engagements with insurers of all sizes, is used to evaluate, evolve, or re-align existing Analytics programs.

InEdge Implementation Services


Product Agnostic and Aligned with your Business Objectives


5 Phases for Success in an Effective, Proven and Forward-Looking Methodology


A choice Selection of Insurance Analytics Experts to Cater to Your Specific Needs

The Insurance industry has data management needs that are complex and involved, and seeing an Analytics project through from concept to completion is not a job for just any consultancy or internal IT resources. The ability to develop an initiative that aligns with stated business objectives and takes advantage of technologies that will deliver against them is a specialty of its own. The ability to implement
the vision is another. We do both.

InEdge lives at the crossroads of the Insurance industry and Analytics. We have the expertise, in terms of people, process, and technology to help insurance companies achieve their Analytics goals. We understand what it takes to see an Analytics project through to completion because we actually do the implementation and the design.

Based on our expertise acquired through the planning and implementation of many analytical applications for dozens of clients over the years, we have developed a flexible methodology that takes advantage of our experience.


SMART ANALYTICS, a Proven Implementation Methodology


We also believe that the comprehensive set of services and products that InEdge offers in its SMART ANALYTICS methodology can greatly help an organization’s Analytics project become a reality. With over 100 implementations under our belt, the SMART ANALYTICS implementation methodology is a proven path to success. And it continues to evolve.


Experienced Specialists & Experts


To help our clients with their needs for expertise, we provide resources at all levels and at all stages of data management, data warehousing, and Analytics initiatives.