InEdge lives at the intersection of
Analytics and Insurance

Unparalleled Insurance Analytics Expertise

Throughout its history, InEdge has always sought to attract driven individuals dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in their area of expertise. It is our priority to be the employer of choice for professionals with unparalleled expertise in Insurance data management and Analytics. Furthermore, we add to their expertise by investing in their formal training. This allows us to provide our clients with the best expertise available on the market.

We live at the intersection of Business Intelligence and Insurance expertise. This means that we are first and foremost Analytics specialists who understand the Insurance industry. We understand loss ratios, experience reports, reserve calculations, claims, broker performance, and so on. These are concepts we deal with on a day-to-day basis within our realm of providing Insurance Analytics solutions to our clients.

Our Professional Services Offerings

To help our clients with their requirements for expertise, we provide consultants at all levels and at all stages of Data Management, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics initiatives.

Our consultants are essential assets to any Business Intelligence and Analytics project to:

  • Execute planned projects, or to take on the responsibility of delivering a specific deliverable or sub-project;
  • Provide an Insurance Analytics Project Manager or a hands-on Technical Specialist on a specific Business Intelligence tool, such as a Senior Analyst;
  • Dedicate a few days, several months, or for a sporadic presence at specific periods in a project;
  • Engage on a time and material or fixed-price basis.

Nurturing our Expertise

InEdge makes sure that the consultants we introduce to our clients are always at the leading edge of Business Intelligence and Analytics technologies, both in terms of implementation, as well as best practices within
our industry.

To accomplish this for our consultants, InEdge:

  • Maintains four expertise centers each headed by a practice leader;
  • Keeps the use of subcontractors to a minimum
    (except for niche technologies);
  • Maintains a process of personnel development including career objectives and personalized training plans;
  • Maintains a consultant evaluation process that monitors 12 performance evaluation criteria.


We offer the services of a broad variety of experts to cater to our clients’ specific needs and to optimize the full potential of existing production resources. Our experts work hand in hand with our clients to understand, design, and implement the best solutions. Each client is assigned an Engagement Manager at no cost to make sure our services are meeting expectations in every possible way.

Typical Ressources at InEdge

Senior Analyst

An Analytics Senior Analyst is responsible for strategic guidance in Analytics initiatives and plays the role of a trusted advisor.

Responsibilities typically include:
  • Analytics Roadmap and Gap Analysis
  • Insurance analytics strategic plan review

Data Warehouse/Analytics Architect

A Data Warehouse/Analytics Architect is a very seasoned individual whose mandate generally involves the design of analytical, data integration, and metadata solutions.

Responsibilities typically include:
  • Architecture definition
  • Tool/technology selection
  • Best practices development
  • Security integration
    Plan Development
  • Testing strategy plan development

Modeling Specialist

A Modeling Specialist is an expert in the art and science of data modeling for Insurance Analytics. This individual is fluent with data warehouse entity-relationship (ER) modeling and dimensional modeling for
analytical purposes.

Responsibilities typically include:
  • Data model review
  • Data model analysis
  • Data model development

Project Manager

A Project Manager is responsible for the successful management and execution of a project. Project management responsibilities include tactical project management and implementation with the support of technical staff. Our Project Managers are very knowledgeable of the specific processes, structures, and requirements of the Insurance industry.

Responsibilities typically include:
  • Project integration management
  • Time, Cost, and Quality Management
  • Resource and procurement management
  • Risk management
  • Communications management

Insurance Analytics Specialist

An Insurance Analytics Specialist is an expert in the design and development of analytical applications using Business Intelligence platforms, such as Business Objects, Cognos, MicroStrategy, SAS, and so on. This consultant is familiar with the development, deployment, and administrative aspects of these platforms in an Insurance environment and is able to fully leverage the strengths of each one.

Responsibilities typically include:
  • Analytical objects analysis
  • Analytical objects development
  • Metadata model documentation
  • Performance and tuning

Extract, Transformation,
and Load Specialist

An Extract, Transformation, and Load (ETL) Specialist is an expert in integrating and harmonizing data from multiple sources in the most efficient way possible, using platforms such as Informatica PowerCenter, DataStage, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), or Procedural Language/Structured Query Language (PL/SQL).

Responsibilities typically include:
  • Data integration analysis
  • ETL development
  • ETL design
  • ETL development practices and standards review