Too often Insurance Companies embark on data management and
Analytics initiatives by only addressing technology aspects of the problem. Such engagements tend to be overly expensive and only deliver
limited results.

Presenting the InEdge solution.
An Insurance Analytics Roadmap finely tuned
and tailor-made for the creation of Insurance
Analytics initiatives

One of our most valued services is our Insurance Analytics Roadmap. Sometimes referred to as a Business Intelligence (BI) Opportunity Assessment, the Analytics Roadmap fulfills an essential requirement of solid Analytics project planning. It provides Insurers with everything they need to successfully approach and deploy strategic Analytics and data
management initiatives.

The Analytics Roadmap includes a complete and detailed strategic deployment plan evaluating the costs, resources, and scope of Analytics initiatives. We strongly believe in customizing our approach and therefore, our services are always tailored to your specific needs.

The InEdge Analytics Roadmap is cost effective, offered at a fixed price and can be delivered in a matter of weeks. Often the first step in exploring Insurance Analytics, it is a veritable how-to in insurance analytics and planning. It is a wise investment that can save you money, time
and frustration.


The InEdge Analytics Roadmap service is both efficient and effective, conducted by seasoned Analytics experts that can cut through business, process and technology issues.

Our Roadmap service is generally conducted as follows:

Business workshops to update information requirements;

Information Needs Analysis that creates an updated informational Needs Model;

Workshops with client representatives to clearly identify and analyze internal and external data sources needed to support the informational requirements;

Definition of a Corporate Information Architecture supporting the informational requirements;

Detailed Program Triangle defining scope, timelines and costs;

Executive Presentation to communicate our findings and recommendations to the Executive Leadership Team.