Better & Faster

Are you able to integrate all of your premiums, policies, and claims historical data for all lines of business into a centralized database with multiple views?

The InEdge Fellow Analytics Accelerator integrates industry-specific
business content and technical elements, including data models, data quality management, integration logic, and Analytics metadata. The result is a single version of the truth that all your constituents can use to make
their decisions.

Accelerate Your Analytics Initiatives
with a Complete Solution Specific
to the Insurance Industry

The Fellow Analytics Accelerator is the sum of all the knowledge gained by InEdge over years of implementing Analytics solutions for large Insurance carriers, both in the Property & Casualty and Life Insurance & Investments industries. The Fellow Analytics Accelerator is intellectual property in the form of a reusable framework that we license to you in order to speed up the implementation process and mitigate the risks of your Analytics initiatives.

The Fellow Analytics Accelerator environment can form the foundational core of any Insurance Analytics solution. Profitability analysis in insurance, including the calculation of underwriting profitability ratios, depends on the accuracy of the underlying data. Effective subrogation analysis in Property and Casualty reporting relies upon easily accessible, well-behaved and dependable data. Premiums and policies software of all kinds are only as good as the data warehouse solutions on which they are built.

The Fellow Analytics Accelerator environment is built around an integrated data warehouse that stores transactional data from your company’s operational support systems. The data is stored in a way that it can be easily used for decision support applications (such as Reporting, Analytics, Corporate Performance Management [CPM], Key Performance Indicator [KPI] delivery), and predictive analysis applications. The information environment natively understands Insurance concepts and can help you obtain useful information in the form of reports, dashboards, and
ad-hoc queries.

Load Validation Module


As part of the Fellow Analytics Accelerator, our Load Validation Module (LVM) is a powerful and flexible component that guarantees the accuracy and completeness of information for your Analytics applications. LVM is an Analytics insurance technology that can be used either in a new project or within your company’s existing environment. It is the underlying mechanism for astute and reliable insurance claims analysis, policies analysis, premiums analysis, and an essential component of any Insurance Analytics ecosystem.

Here’s how it works. LVM closely monitors and maintains data consistency and quality during data loads. LVM significantly reduces the time and costs associated with validating the integration of your information into a single version of the truth. It achieves this by performing periodic checks and by providing reports on the information integration process to make sure it is correct and comprehensive. If LVM encounters a problem, it initiates the proper recovery procedures.

LVM is made up of three major components: LVM Repository, LVM Validation Objects, and LVM Reports. LVM is designed to automate the process of validating new information as it is brought into your Analytics environment. It also accumulates information on the integration process, thus allowing for detailed reporting that is auditable against compliance requirements. LVM is just one of the many benefits that the Fellow Analytics Accelerator offers.


Additional benefits of the Fellow Analytics Accelerator
to any Analytics initiative include:


  • Faster implementation time;
  • Lower risks than building from the ground up;
  • Lower implementation costs;
  • Less time spent assembling data allowing more time for analysis;
  • Customized decision support for the specific needs of Property and Casualty Insurance Analytics;
  • Technology agnostic;
  • Proven solution deployed for several large carriers
    (Property & Casualty, Life Insurance, Investments, Wealth).

A Solid Foundation for Your Business Analytics

The Fellow Analytics Accelerator is built from the ground up on a precision-based, forward-looking, and industry-compliant technical infrastructure with the following characteristics:

  • Policies, premiums, and claims are integrated with history;
  • Data loading respects stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs);
  • Infrastructure accommodates insurance regulatory compliance, insurance governance, and regulatory reporting requirements of instances such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the European Union’s Solvency II Insurance Directive, and Dodd-Frank.


As a solid technical foundation, the Fellow Analytics Accelerator is the basis for a robust Analytics environment that delivers the following capabilities:

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) selection;
  • Policies, premiums, and claims alignment;
  • Insurance objects information versioning;
  • Data harvesting;
  • Derived values generation;
  • Fully customizable.

Advantages of the InEdge Fellow Analytics Accelerator

Insurance Analytics Fellow Analytics Benefit

The Fellow Analytics Accelerator helps you use information to support your business strategy. For example, the Fellow Analytics Accelerator enables information-driven interactions with the broker channel.


Insurance Business Intelligence FellowDSS Benefit

The Fellow Analytics Accelerator is a proven and efficient Insurance Analytics platform that delivers all the necessary components and applications to support strategic and operational decision making. It is simply the best alternative to building these from the ground up.


Insurance Analytics Fellow Analytics Benefit

One location to find all the data required, in a timely manner, to support information requests from Business Users. The Fellow Analytics Accelerator allows you to spend time analyzing rather than assembling the data.


Insurance Analytics Fellow Analytics Benefit

Dramatically decreases the time and cost of producing management-level information by providing a wide array of predefined online reports “out of the box”. These reports provide immediate insight, allowing sophisticated analysis required for product design or product rating, and are fully customizable.


Insurance Analytics Fellow Analytics Benefit

A selection of pre-defined on-line reports that can be customized as required is included. Both internal and external users (brokers for instance) can benefit from access to their own data from within the Fellow Analytics Accelerator environment, increasing service levels and competitiveness
in the marketplace.