Our Analytics Delivery Approach

Our Analytics Delivery Approach is deceptively simple. It has been perfected over many client implementations and follows the industry’s best practices, using top shelf technologies:

Analytics Delivery Approach

Determine Business Sponsorship

It is imperative that a clear business sponsorship be in place to support even a 1st iteration of implementing any analytics for any insurance discipline. Sponsorship can be departmental (eg.: Underwriting Management), functional area such as Claims or be cross disciplines such as initiatives serving both Product Management and Sales. Sponsorship ensures the right level of financing and representation to drive solutions to clearly defined business issues.


Analytics Roadmap

Once the sponsorship structure is in place, a decision needs to be made regarding the development of an Insurance Analytics Roadmap designed to ensure business benefits in line with the roadmap’s scope be it Enterprise Wide or for a particular insurance discipline.

Creation of an analytics roadmap is however, not a required condition to move into the Analytics Delivery step.


Analytics Delivery Process

Whether arrived at from the creation of a roadmap or not, the Analytics Delivery process starts with a selection of a small set of Information Needs Models (INMs) and corresponding Fellow Analytics Visualizations for which there is clearly identifiable and measurable business value to be delivered to the business areas. A Proof of Concept (POC) based on the customization of INMs and Dashboards is deployed to a selected set of users within 10-15 days of total effort.

Big loop
Once deployed, sponsors can elect move the Fellow Analytics Visualization dashboards to production, which may imply refactoring of infrastructure components including datamarts and data sourcing.

Small loop
Alternatively, sponsors can elect to move to another business issue immediately without production deployment of the POC, effectively going back to the top of the Analytics Delivery Process.


Measure and publish

Irrespective of the approach, measuring ROI and publishing results obtained from the initiative is imperative to guide the sponsorship team and seed more analytics efforts going forward.



Delivering Quickly a Selected Business Group Dashboard to Provide an Actual Working Example

Our Proof of Concept approach is an ideal engagement that lets business users experience first-hand how our Fellow Analytics Visualizations can bring competitive advantage, quickly and at low costs.

Further, the dashboard selected from our Information Needs Models is one identified as having the greatest short-term impact on your business.


Providing Insurers with Everything Needed to Successfully Approach and Deploy a Strategic Analytics initiative

One of our most valued service, the Insurance Analytics Roadmap includes a complete and detailed strategic deployment plan evaluating the costs, resources, and scope of Analytics initiatives. Alternatively, our service, honed over dozens of engagements with insurers of all sizes, is used to evaluate, evolve, or re-align existing Analytics programs.


Implementing your strategic
analytics initiatives

InEdge offers full management of analytics projects or subprojects. We can help you identify, prioritize, design and optimize all or part of your analytical applications.

Our vision

Our vision is simple: Irrespective of size and market coverage, insurance carriers must be able to take advantage of pre-built and adaptable Analytics Visualizations covering all insurance disciplines and experience business value in a matter of weeks.

Our beliefs

We understand that long gone are multi-year, multi-million dollar analytics programs that fail to deliver quickly and adapt to rapidly changing business priorities driven by your markets and policy holders.

It is therefore imperative that your analytics implementation approach be flexible, agile, adaptable and be able to deliver business value quickly and measurably. We believe that our delivery approach can help you meet these objectives in a very efficient manner.

We also believe that our collection of Information Needs Models (INMs), that includes our Fellow Analytics Dashboards, having been carefully crafted and curated over many customer engagements, can be the building blocks to your analytics roadmap. Chances are, not all of them are applicable to the same extent to your particular circumstance. That is why they are customizable and independent from one another and yet, provide great value on their own.