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Fellow Analytics Visualizations

A document describing InEdge’s Fellow Analytics Visualizations Insurance Solution

5 metrics for Identifying High-Performance Underwriting Employees

An article published on on the key metrics to identify the most effective and efficient underwriting employees.

Is Your Underwriting Team Operating at Maximum Efficiency? 4 Ways to Tell

An article published on on maximizing the efficiency of underwriting teams.

The Top 5 Quality of Service Challenges facing Underwriting Managers

An article published on on the 5 biggest challenges of Quality of Service for Underwriting Managers


An article published on on the 5 most important underwriting operational issues to focus on to improve performance.

The Top Analytics to Focus On for Improving Underwriting Operations Performance

An article published on about the key analytics for improving underwriting operations performance.

Creating a Competitive Advantage by Linking Customer Interactions to Customer Analytics

An article published on Insurance-Canada about the advantages Insurers gain by linking their customer interaction data to their analytics capabilities.

The 4 Analytics Categories to Improve Underwriting Performance

A document proposing 4 Analytics categories that can help improve performance of Undewriting teams.

Addressing the Top Inefficiencies in Ratemaking

An article published on enumerating the problems of pricing (ratemaking) for Insurers and providing solutions.

4 Analytics Categories to Focus On to Improve Underwriting Performance

An article published on proposing a categorization of the different analytics metrics to align with the different Underwriting roles.

Key characteristics to look for in an Insurance Pricing Analytics Solution

An article published on on the most important features Insurers should look for in a pricing analytics solution.

Enhancing Customer Interactions with Advanced Customer Analytics

Enhancing Customer Interactions with Advanced Customer Analytics The Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC) is a carrier’s strategic asset in fostering Customer Centricity. But Policies and Claims […]

Underwriting Performance Analytics™

A document describing InEdge’s Underwriting Performance Analytics.

Unlocking  Underwriting  Performance  with Analytics

A White Paper describing the focus, features and design of InEdge’s Underwriting Performance Analytics solution. Underwriting managers are always seeking to confirm or improve the […]

6 Factors for Success in the Delivery of Insurance Analytics

A document identifying the 6 factors for success in the development methodology for the delivery of Analytics for Insurers.

Analytics Delivery: A Preferred Approach to Maximize Business Value

This White Paper describes an evolutionary approach to rapid and successful delivery of business value through analytical solutions.

The Real Challenges and Opportunities of the Data Deluge for Insurers

This White Paper explores all the Opportunities and Challenges big data brings to Insurers.

Navigating the Data Deluge – Challenges and Opportunities for Insurers

An article on the new challenges and opportunities for Insurers brought on by vast new sources and increased volume of data.

A User-Centric Approach to Analytics Solutions Design

This White Paper describes e a four-step process for designing Analytics solutions centered on end-user experience.

Three Characteristics of Successful Insurance Analytics Rating Solutions

This White Paper describes three characteristics of an optimal Analytics solution that supports P&C insurance rating activities.

An Iterative-incremental approach to insurance Analytics Implementation

A white paper proposing an agile approach to Analytics development that delivers ROI at every stage of the Analytics project yet remains extremely responsive to new directions and changes.

Life Insurer Improves Vetting and Auditing of Loss Reserving Amounts through Unified Data Architecture

A Life Insurance Case Study about Unified Data Architecture Improves Vetting and Auditing of Loss Reserving Amounts

Rapid Access to Detailed Information Makes the Difference for P&C World Leader

A Case Study about entreprise-wide Integrated architecture with unified data warehouse and new analytical capabilities.

Minding the Gap between Insurance Business Challenges, Legacy Systems and New Data Sources

An article published in Information-Management proposing a sound framework for adapting legacy systems in the face of technological change.

Top Trends in Insurance Analytics – Published on TDWI

An article published on The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) examining big data, predictive modeling, and predictive analytics in contemporary Insurance Analytics.

How to Avoid the Top 3 Mistakes in Planning an Insurance Analytics Program

This documents exposes the top mistakes Insurers make in planning an Insurance Analytics project and establishing their project milestones and deliverables which can have a large impact on the initiative and go unnoticed for a long time.

P&C Business Users See Enormous Benefit from Enterprise-Wide Analytics

A case study about Powerful new Analytics in a highly secured Data Portal to solve the problem of business users limited by ageing toolset, views on data lacking uniformity and lack of enterprise-wide analytical tools.

Rapid Implementation Reduces Risk for World Leader in P&C

A case study on planning an enterprise-wide BI implementation with a proven approach for ageing infrastructure severely hampering information management.

How to Align Analytics Initiatives with Corporate Objectives for P&C Insurers

This White Paper describes all the steps in the process of evaluating the scope, time and costs associated with implementing an Analytics Program.

Three Reasons Insurance Analytics Projects Fail

A document that identifies and proposes solutions to the most serious Insurance Analytics implementation problems.