Analytics Frameworks
for Sophisticated
Insurance Enterprises

White Paper

White Paper

As Insurance companies grow, they evolve as entities, becoming organizationally more sophisticated and complex. Managing this newfound complexity in the context of building Analytics frameworks requires a solid grasp of the operating environment, available tools, and applicable processes.

The presence of both legacy and more modern systems, multiple operating or administrative systems, custom rules, and so on, are just some of the challenges facing those tasked with developing effective Analytics frameworks. Another challenge is managing the growing footprint of data handled by the Analytics framework.

This white paper explores Analytics frameworks in the context of complexity. Topics covered include the identifying characteristics of complexity, and the objectives and foundations of the successful Analytics implementation. The Fellow Analytics Accelerator, the deployable InEdge framework, is presented as a means of addressing complexity in Insurance Analytics.

Download this Insurance Analytics solution white paper to learn the metrics for identifying complexity in an Insurance organization and establishing the ground rules for a successful deployment.

Since it offers many details on the Fellow Analytics Accelerator, it may also be read as a Fellow Analytics white paper or Analytics white paper.

By Philippe Torres