How to Avoid the
Top 3 Mistakes in
Planning an Insurance
Analytics Program

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Are there Metrics for Evaluating
an Analytics Project in the Planning Phase?

Conceptualizing aims and goals. Identifying skill-sets and assembling the teams that have them. Establishing project milestones with deliverables. The basics of planning an Insurance Analytics project may not sound very different from any other business undertaking, but the mistakes that can creep in, even as early as the planning phase, are definitely unique.

The top Analytics planning mistakes are particularly challenging, since they have a large impact on the Analytics initiative, but can go unnoticed for the duration of the project.

The question is, can the mistakes common to the Insurance Analytics planning phase be identified and rooted out before the plans are signed-off and set in stone? And what if the project roadmap has already been created… can we “test its seams” for weakness, for planning errors, after the fact? What evaluation metrics can be applied, to rest assured mistakes have not been planned-in to an Insurance Analytics project?

Download to read about the errors that can creep in at the planning phase, and the key metrics for evaluating an Insurance Analytics plan to root them out. Rest assured, Insurance Analytics planning problems can be avoided.