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White Paper

The effort to contain cost while retaining IT agility is a fine act of balancing technology with the needs of staff and business requirements.

Tuning an Analytics solution to optimize performance and reduce bottlenecks is one way to increase performance without sacrificing on any of these fronts.

As the number of queries handled by a system increases, Analytics performance decreases, impacting response time, which is an essential factor in making the right analytical decisions. When best practices are adopted in performance and tuning management, an organization stands to gain exponentially in reducing cost and increasing system response. Proper Analytics tuning yields faster Analytics.

This white paper presents the general principles of Analytics performance tuning for faster Analytics. It also presents the InEdge performance and Analytics optimization methodology, which is built on the twin concepts of managing and tuning the system performance, and uses industry-accepted best practices.

The white paper also presents the rationale for managing Analytics performance and optimization, the relationship between query response time and decision-making, and the benefits of optimizing system performance. It presents the areas that can be realistically optimized, including infrastructure, databases, reporting, ETL, development, production and support, and post-production growth.

Download this analytics performance white paper for a detailed look at Analytics tuning via the InEdge performance management model.

By Philippe Torres