How to Improve
the Pricing process
with On-Level Analytics

White Paper

White Paper

A new class of pricing analytics can help Pricing managers attain far greater levels of productivity when conducting rating projects.

One of the most important processes that Pricing Managers have to perform in Property and Casualty Insurance is the Rating Process. But the process is typically burdened with persistent issues that inhibit its full potential and place undue restrictions on managerial staff.

If there were a solution that reduced or eliminated these restrictions while leveraging the existing rating process and infrastructure for a better insurance rating process, what would it look like?

This P&C Rating Process white paper presents the case for a new class of rating analytics applications, one that combines an Analytical Application with a Rating Engine. It presents a generic model for the P&C rating process, and examines the legacy environmental aspects that have a negative impact on productivity. It presents on-level analytical applications as the solution to productivity problems in the P&C rate development process.

Download this white paper if you are an Pricing Manager or Actuary involved in the Rating Process of P&C Insurance, are interested in making the process more productive and efficient, and would like to evaluate the InEdge approach to rating process improvements.

By Philippe Torres