Bleeding Edge Analytics
for Insurers

InEdge Accelerators and Intellectual Properties, stemming from our accumulated knowledge over many years, provide quickly the most important Analytics to our clients.

Our efficient Analytics solutions result in faster, lower cost Analytics implementation, lower risk and better analytical performance.





Our Accelerators are a collection of Intellectual Property assets that we bring to the table to mitigate the risk, reduce the cost, and increase the speed of delivery.

We license that Intellectual Property to our clients which includes content such as data models, data integration models, and data derivation templates, (which are used to generate earnings, exposure, and exposed units as well as to calculate loss ratios).

We also have templates for dashboards, reporting, and metadata, (which is the definition of data items and key metrics that any Business Intelligence competency center would promote).

The integration of our Accelerators into an Insurance Analytical solution is akin to building a complete, customized Analytics platform in record time. It helps to shorten the time to ROI, as well as helping to considerably lower the cost of building a complete insurance analytical solution, all the while answering all of an Insurer’s business decision needs. Before undertaking to build an Analytics platform from scratch, consider the merits of the InEdge Accelerators for your insurance analytics solution.